Ancient Weaponry Mod for Minecraft

Ancient Weaponry Mod for Minecraft

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Minecraft fans have long dreamed of getting ancient items as weapons that would crush opponents with axes, hammers or spears. Thanks to the Ancient Weaponry Mod for Minecraft, gamers will be able to use weapons that were the main ones in ancient times. As you know, in ancient times there were no small arms. People were armed with a variety of items, for example, a shield, armor, other ammunition and weapons.

The original mod allows you to acquire more than twenty new types of weapons, which in ancient times were successfully used to intimidate enemies. Gamers will be available not only standard weapons and equipment, but also a special workbench that allows you to craft items, as well as shields and armor made of various materials.

Having received the experimental items of the ancient arsenal, you will certainly feel new sensations and emotions from the exciting process of your favorite game.

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