Quiver Reborn Mod for Minecraft

Quiver Reborn Mod for Minecraft

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Arrows, like the bow, are indispensable weapons in the process of war with both mobs and bosses. In order to store arrows, it is mandatory to have a quiver. Due to which the realism of the process will be fully increased. For such purposes, it makes sense to install the Quiver Reborn Mod for Minecraft.

There are several types of quivers provided by this handy mod. Among them:

  1. Ordinary quiver. It looks, in general, standard and is able to hold about thirty arrows.
  2. Iron quiver. It has a more stylish and even brutal appearance compared to the usual one and is capable of storing one hundred and twenty-two arrows.
  3. Diamond quiver. By far the most capacious kind of quiver that the functionality of the mod is able to provide. Such a quiver can hold two hundred and seventy-three arrows.

The use of a quiver has one significant drawback: in the process of wearing it, the speed of movement will be significantly slowed down, since it is simply impossible to use the quiver while running.

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