Tactical Mod for Minecraft

Tactical Mod for Minecraft

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Tactical Mod for Minecraft will be useful to all fans of Minecraft. This mod will allow you to become a real military leader and gather an army of the strongest warriors under your command. This add-on allows you to expand the possibilities of the game and increases your ability to survive. With it, you can effectively train recruits, deploy troops in the areas you need, and use special military equipment and weapons. Among which are the following:  

  • Military transport for 6 passenger seats;  
  • Armored transport;  
  • Guns, cannons and muskets.  

Some weapons can only be obtained by defeating the enemy in a fair fight. For example, if you defeat a robber captain, you can get hold of a golden pistol, and if you defeat a simple robber with a weapon, you will receive a rapier or piglin pistol as a reward. In addition to weapons, you will receive medals for the death of enemies. Many interesting items can also be found in the chests of opponents after you defeat them all.  

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