Easy Farming Mod for Minecraft

Easy Farming Mod for Minecraft

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Easy Farming Mod for Minecraft is a pretty useful thing for passing Minecraft Bedrock. With this mod, you will be able to accelerate the harvest with special equipment. To speed up this process, the developers offer you to use one of six types of braids, which differ from each other only in the material from which they are made.

The following braid types are available:  

  • Wooden;  
  • stone;  
  • Gold;  
  • iron;  
  • Diamond;  
  • Netherite.  

To begin enjoying the benefits of a particular scythe, you must first add it to your inventory. The accelerated harvesting mod will allow you to quickly deal with this routine task, thanks to which you can save more time for the activities in the game that you really enjoy, such as traveling or building new buildings.  

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