Terrain Builder Mod for Minecraft

Terrain Builder Mod for Minecraft

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Terrain Builder Mod for Minecraft allows the user to create a unique landscape. Tools from the add-on help to achieve maximum naturalness, as well as change the landscape in large enough areas.

You can use the /function setup or /function start commands to enable the add-on. After applying the command, a launch notification will appear.

The mod involves adding new items to the quick access inventory:


  • Gives the ability to create and spawn structures
  • Condition of Use - Builder Equipment


  • Used to recolor blocks and structures
  • Condition of use - equipment of the artist and builder


  • Allows you to delete structures
  • Condition of Use - Builder Equipment

Builder Equipment:

  • To activate the mode, you need to use one of the commands: / function script_builderkit, / function builderkit
  • In the mode, objects are available for editing textures, sizes and shapes.


  • This is a link to Discord with the option to get help in English.

Exit from the quick menu:

  • Allows you to leave the equipment menu

Exit mode:

  • To exit the mode, use the /function exit command

Forms of structures:

  • Sphere, cube and cylinder

Structure dimensions:

  • Allows you to resize structures
  • The activation of the function is automatic after selecting the form itself. Otherwise, you must use the /function inv_size command


  • Allows you to select the type of texture
  • Allows you to choose the number of colors. There are three types: one color - no texture, three colors - with textures, four - with many textures.

Artist equipment:

  • To activate, you need the command / function painterkit
  • In equipment, a choice of colors and blocks for structures is available
  • For example, by choosing brown, the user will have a choice of boards, mud, etc.

Crosshair resizing:

  • It is possible to apply a size from -4 to 4

Turning structures on and off:

  • Allows you to disable random direction when spawning

Notification settings:

  • Allows you to turn off alerts, incl. and about mistakes.
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