Cinematic Toolbox Mod for Minecraft

Cinematic Toolbox Mod for Minecraft

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This Cinematic Toolbox Mod for Minecraft . He can make a realistic movie out of Minecraft PE. It will open up opportunities for you such as: dimming, which is sometimes found in films, black bars at the top or bottom of the screen.

Firstly, the gameplay will only become more interesting, and secondly, you will be able to create various unique effects, including your imagination.

It is necessary to use the /title command to create different video inserts in the game or to darken the screen during teleportation. And by writing the command /title <target> times you can change the time of using the effect itself. Experienced users can make various other changes to the hud_screen.json file.

Commands that apply:

  • /title @p title hud hide - the entire interface is completely reset;
  • /title @p title hud show - restores all dropped items;
  • /title @p title title - will hang the title until the duration is adjusted by the player;
  • /title @p title subtitle - secondary title;
  • /title @p title blink - turns on dimming;
  • /title @p title blink slow in - turns on slow dimming without return command;
  • /title @p title blink slow out - repeated slow dimming without return command;
  • /title @p actionbar bars in - black bars appear;
  • /title @p actionbar bars out - black bars disappear;
  • /title @p actionbar subtitle - black bars appear with the title.
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