Miraculous Mod for Minecraft

Miraculous Mod for Minecraft

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Miraculous Mod for Minecraft - by the name of the mod there is a cartoon in which two teenagers become super-heroes and, according to the plot, protect their town. Now you can become a superhero in Minecraft thanks to the Miraculous mod . He will give you a choice in super powers. You will have Kwami creatures , which will give you abilities. When the ability is used, it will be necessary to feed the pet.

Available abilities:


  • makes skeletons and zombies allies;
  • gives scepter;
  • eats cookies.


  • I have an opportunity   spawn   creatures;
  • gives a fan;
  • feeds on wheat seeds.


  • causes paralysis in the enemy when attacking;
  • gives a top;
  • eats honey.


  • for protection creates a wall from blocks;
  • gives a shield;
  • feeds on algae.

A fox:

  • makes it possible to create the illusion of ore and chests;
  • gives a flute;
  • eats sweet berries.
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