Map There Is No Light Anywhere for Minecraft

Map There Is No Light Anywhere for Minecraft

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Map There Is No Light Anywhere for Minecraft is one of the many add-ons for the Minecraft game, which is made in the form of a map. A card that is designed to test the nerves of everyone who wishes for strength. Detailed and drawn.

The map was created in the horror style and worked out according to all the laws of the genre, where the user will find himself in one of the abandoned houses somewhere in Russia. Really terrible things will happen in this place and the player will not only have to understand the situation, but also fully explore this place, finding out where the guests themselves have gone and how to find a way out of this terrible place.

The events on the map take place on a very dark night. Given the fact that there is no light in the room, and the process of searching for answers is accompanied by eerie sounds, screams and strange rustles, the player will have to be on the alert and keep his nerves in an iron fist. Unfortunately, this assembly is designed for only one player. For this reason, the user will not be able to take friends on such a dangerous journey.

In order to still be able to come out of the test as a winner and not discourage potential players from this mod, it was performed not at the maximum, but at a normal difficulty level. Also, after entering the game, it is not recommended to touch the bed in any case. Otherwise, this can lead to the fact that everything will break in the truest sense of the word. It is planned to release three parts of this supplement. In this particular case, we are talking only about the first part of it.

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