Mod Jetpack 2 for Minecraft

Mod Jetpack 2 for Minecraft

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Mod Jetpack 2 for Minecraft adds such a unique item as a jetpack to the game. This cool device will allow the user to move quickly in the air. Thus, it is possible to cover huge distances in a short period of time. But in order to get such a unique item, you will have to make a lot of effort. Among other things, the device requires constant maintenance and the need to constantly fill it with fuel, which is not so easy to get.

What do you need to do to get a ransom?

The crafting process is actually quite complex. For this reason, the player needs to study it carefully.

Propellant is a key element of a jetpack, as is propellant.

To obtain the item, you need to collect the following components: seven iron ingots, one black dye and one yellow dye.

The fuel tank is another integral part of the jetpack. It consists of the following components: seven iron ingots, a flask containing fuel and one red dye.

The Jetpack can be crafted using the following components: 1 Fuel Tank, 2 Propellants, 1 Glass Panel, 2 Black Dye. For a jetpack, the stand must be crafted separately and is needed in order to fill the jetpack with the necessary fuel. After the refueling process has been completed, you need to set the satchel at chest level, then perform a jump, and then take off. The fuel indicator that will appear will tell you how much time the player will be able to spend in the air during the flight.

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