Smasher Catapult Mod for Minecraft

Smasher Catapult Mod for Minecraft

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Create your own deadly and destructive catapult and deal damage from a distance with it using the specially designed Smasher Catapult Mod for Minecraft. You will be able to sweep away everyone and everything in your path: buildings, structures, and hated mobs, and powerful bosses.

The catapult deals outrageous damage and has a long range, helping you to defeat the most powerful opponents. In the event that you are crazy about medieval style, the catapult will fit perfectly there.

Technical and tactical characteristics of the combat vehicle:

  • The health of the catapult is 60 units.
  • The speed of movement on the map is 0.08.
  • The catapult deals damage in the range from 12 to 60 damage.
  • The catapult can be crafted using relatively affordable materials.
  • The catapult can be easily moved.

Moreover, the individual components of the design of the catapult can be changed during the game. Also, with the help of a catapult, you can throw both regular and fiery projectiles.

In order to remove the catapult from the battlefield, you need to interact with it by crouching.

In order to throw a fiery charge at the enemy instead of the usual charge, it makes sense to interact with the catapult using a lighter.

In order to repair or repair the catapult, it is necessary to interact with the debris using three iron ingots.

The catapult, although it has a small amount of health, is easily restored and repaired in between battles.

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