Mod M1151 Humvee for Minecraft

Mod M1151 Humvee for Minecraft

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The Mod M1151 Humvee for Minecraft for Minecraft introduces a new transport for the Minecraft game - a realistic Hummer. Who wouldn't want to drive such a car? Especially when the interior, textures and model are worked out. In this case, this is not an ordinary car, but a military one, made in camouflage coloring. The model is supplemented with different functions, sounds, cool animation.

The soundtrack introduced by the developer exactly corresponds to the real car. In the car, opening doors, spinning wheels, steering wheel animation, other effects are created. The author did his best by making an SUV used by the US Army with all recognizable details.

In order to turn the steering wheel or open the door, interaction with the car is necessary. The model is made in 3D graphics, now it is available to all Minecraft players to ride it in a new mod.

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