True Enderite Mod for Minecraft

True Enderite Mod for Minecraft

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When playing Minecraft, especially in the void of the End, users lose their entire inventory. It happens like this: the character looks for and puts valuable items in his luggage that will help defeat the dragon in the future, but with every wrong move, they disappear. To prevent this problem, the True Enderite Mod for Minecraft was developed. Its peculiarity lies in the preservation of the entire inventory: now it will not burn in lava or disappear into the void.

Additionally, other changes were made with the mod. For example, the fragments of Enderite:

  • can be generated in the Territory;
  • will not appear in the air.

As for raw Enderite, it can be obtained from processing debris using the correct furnace. This also applies to Enderite Scrap, but it requires raw material to be obtained. To own an Enderite ingot, you need to have 4 scraps and 4 redstones.

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