Minecraft 1.19.81

Minecraft 1.19.81

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  • Developer: Mojang
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Minecraft 1.19.81 (.01) is a full version of the game released immediately after 1.19.80 was released due to crash bugs. The stability of the previous version was severely broken, so the developers did not postpone the update.

Added new version of Minecraft 1.19.83

Corrected mistakes

With release 1.19.80, users encountered several crashes and 3 bugs were fixed :

  • When using the /tell command on Realms;
  • Fixed the problem of infinite loading after clicking the "Buy" button among the selected servers;
  • Crash after clicking on “Show more” (also in favorite servers).

Otherwise, this version is fully consistent with the previous one (.80).

Latest innovations in the game

This update has new features and improvements carried over from the test versions. Appeared: Cherry grove, crouching, elements and opportunities in the field of archeology .

Minecraft 1.19.81

cherry grove

  • A new type of biome found in the mountains;
  • Trees drop petals that can be used to create dye;
  • There is a type of tree - Sakura;
  • Animals live in them - Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits and Bees ;


  • The position of the player, turns on automatically if there is not enough space above the head for full growth;
  • The height of the character is 1.5 blocks .

Armor Decoration

There are new opportunities for external design. For this, you need a blacksmith table. Using a template, you can embellish the drawing with different colors (color depends on the materials used).

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