Minecraft 1.19.80

Minecraft 1.19.80

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  • Android: 5.0
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  • Language: English
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  • Developer: Mojang
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Minecraft 1.19.80 full version of the game, where updates have been made successfully tested on Beta versions. Added Cherry Grove, crouch with automatic functions, biome elements and changed armor decorations .

Minecraft 1.19.80

cherry grove

Many users should already be aware of the new type of biome filling in the form of Cherry Groves. Now these locations and biome elements are included in the full version:

  • Can be found in the meadow places of the mountains;
  • There are animal mobs here - rabbits, Pigs, Sheep and Bees;
  • Sakura - a type of cherry, is also present here;
  • Leaves fall, with which you can create paint.


This functional version of the position of the player, which in some cases turns on automatically:

  • Enabled in settings;
  • The height of the character in this position is 1.5 blocks;
  • If there is no space above the head, it will be activated automatically. Also exits it in the presence of a height of 8 blocks;
  • When exiting swimming and there is no space on top, it enters this mode;


  • A new structure has appeared in the form of the Ruin Trail;
  • There are more clay shards;
  • Suspicious gravel is a new element;

Calibrated acoustic sensor

  • New craftable block: 1 Acoustic Sensor and 3 Amethyst Shards;
  • Receives signals and transmits frequency and vibrations.


  • Fixed 62 identified bugs.
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