60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs!

Rating: 3.1
124 vote
  • Android: 5.0
  • Updated
  • Language: English
  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Developer: Robot Gentleman
  • Category: Logical

60 Parsecs! is a quest rendered in a humorous style, where the atmosphere is filled with paranoia about nuclear war and its aftermath. In addition to the oppressive critical situation, mutant animals are involved here. With only 30 seconds, you need to grab the necessary items for survival. To complete the game, you need to use logic and ingenuity. In space, you are accompanied by a team of people who know nothing about space travel, and who only managed to take the necessary items with them.


One of the lesser-known features of 60 Parsecs! is the "Parallel Universe" mode. This mode allows players to travel through alternative realities, each with its own unique laws of physics, biology, and even temporal anomalies.


A recent update added the "Expeditions" mode, which allows crew members to be sent on reconnaissance missions to planets and space stations. Every step can be fatal, but successful expeditions can bring valuable resources and information. Additionally, the update includes interactive character journals, where each team member records their experiences and thoughts.

New Mechanics and Events

The "Space Academy" update introduced a training system where players can assign characters to training sessions, improving their survival, engineering, and medical skills. The game now also supports a dynamic weather system on different planets. Weather conditions such as acid rain or radiation storms can affect the gameplay and require quick adaptation and decision-making from players.

Interesting Facts

The game features a hidden ending that can be unlocked only if all crew members survive and maintain high morale throughout the game. This ending reveals an alternative history of humanity's development in space, offering unexpected plot twists and deep philosophical reflections.

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60 Parsecs! 60 Parsecs! 60 Parsecs! 60 Parsecs!
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