60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

Rating: 3.4
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  • Android: 4.1
  • Updated
  • Language: English
  • Current Version: 1.3.142
  • Developer: Robot Gentleman
  • Category: Adventure

The game called 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure sets you the task of helping the main character and his family.

We are faced with the threat of an attack by the Reds, and of course they will attack in the most large-scale manner, through nuclear war. At the beginning of the main gameplay, sirens begin to sound, signaling an imminent nuclear strike, and we have only 60 seconds to take everything we need for the first time.

Saving life

To be saved, we need to take the provisions to the underground shelter with our own hands. First of all, water and food, and then a gun, radio, first aid kit. The house is quite cluttered, and finding useful things will not be easy with a 60 second timer. The already intense search is complicated by various obstacles that appear every now and then on your way.

Health analysis

Our characters have a number of parameters, hunger, thirst, mental state and health, all management will be carried out using a diary, in which you can track the current state of the heroes and their complaints. In this game you need to be smart, make quick decisions and be extremely focused.

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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure
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