Mini Block Craft

Mini Block Craft

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  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 4.1
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  • Developer: Build Block Studio
  • Category: Casual

" Mini Block Craft " is a survival crafting game. There is no doubt that its developers were inspired by the idea of "Minecraft". Here the gamer will have to deal with laying his own path through the vast world, which has a pixel aesthetic. Moving through the stages, the user will be able to add all the elements and cubes that he wants, which will lead to the formation of his own unique universe.

The project is distinguished by the presence of a typical control system, characteristic of games of a similar plan. To move the hero in any desired direction, you just need to touch the direction joystick. At the bottom of the display, you can find varieties of cubes used at your own discretion. In this way, it is possible to gradually recreate and modify any structures, eventually achieving the desired, optimal and satisfactory result on all fronts.

In a fun and dynamic survival mode, it is important to dodge enemy interceptions. Here you can meet animals and various creatures that hunt you closely, so you always need to be extremely careful. You can defend yourself by throwing all sorts of objects at the enemy, this will reduce his vital signs and help save your own life until the last game stage. The project is full of dizzying adventures with bright trials in the universe created according to your grandiose and unique plan.

Mini Block Craft
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