Minecraft 1.17.40

Minecraft 1.17.40

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  • Android: 5.0
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  • Language: English
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  • Developer: Mojang
  • Category: Arcade

Minecraft 1.17.40 is one of the parts of the next update for the game world. It has undergone significant changes and includes a lot of new content. Due to its significant volume, the developer decided to release it in two stages. The second part will be released next year. New mobs will appear in the game: the luminous squid, goat, and axolotl. As well as ores and blocks: deepslate, amethyst, and copper.

Amethyst. A resource related to gems. Can be found as a purple block, crystal, or geode. The latter is worth looking for in the gap between bedrock and level 70. Useful for the manufacture of a spyglass or tinted glass.

Copper. A necessary resource for creating carved blocks, steps, slabs, and other decor. There are 4 varieties of it in the game: standard, aged, darkened, and oxidized. Useful for the manufacture of a lightning rod and a spyglass.

Light block. An invisible light source. It has the properties of air and becomes visible only when held.

Tinted glass. A light-blocking variation of a glass block, behind which the player can hide from mobs.

Lightning rod. Attracts lightning, and when it strikes, you get a redstone signal.

Acoustic sensor. Essential when making redstone circuits. Generates a redstone signal in response to nearby sounds.

Minecraft 1.17.40Minecraft 1.17.40Minecraft 1.17.40Minecraft 1.17.40Minecraft 1.17.40Minecraft 1.17.40
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