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  • Updated
  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 4.4
  • Current Version: 79
  • Developer: NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios
  • Category: Action

Portal is an interesting project in the gaming industry. She won first places in various nominations many times. The game itself is built on the constant solving of riddles, at the very beginning they are very simple, but towards the end you will need a lot of time to solve them. Portal tests your thinking and your ability to get out of different situations.

The unique gameplay is about Portal, in it you will find several interesting heroes with whom you will go through this game. This game includes several popular genres at once - shooter, puzzle, adventure and so on, so you will not be able to get bored in it. Also, Portal has multiplayer, in which you and a friend can go through the main plot of the game and overcome all the traps and mysteries of the game.

Portal has many mechanics, such as setting up portals, using lasers, destroying evil turrets, moving cubes, spilling various liquids on the surface, and many others.

Thus, Portal is an interesting project that will make you think and tense your brain. Playing with a friend will be much more fun for you, so take advantage of the multiplayer and start playing!

Features and interesting points in Portal:

  • multiplayer available;
  • beautiful and pleasant graphics;
  • portal will go even on a weak computer due to its low requirements;
  • convenient control;
  • with each new level you upgrade your skills in solving riddles and thinking correctly;
  • during the game you will not get bored because of the interesting gameplay;
  • a wide variety of game mechanics.

In order for the game to work on android devices , you need a controller. Portal will run on NVIDIA mobile devices and NVIDIA tablets.

Download (APK)
Download Portal v79 (Tegra 4, Tegra K1, Tegra X1)
22.97 Mb
Download OBB Portal v79
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