The Sun: Origin

The Sun: Origin

Rating: 3.3
158 vote
  • Android: 4.1
  • Updated
  • Language: English
  • Current Version: 2.3.2
  • Developer: AGaming+
  • Category: Action

In the The Sun: Origin game, you are one of those who managed to survive a solar disaster in an underground bunker. There is chaos, devastation, hunger and radiation everywhere on the surface of the earth, but brave souls appeared who decided to completely restore life and order there, establish fair laws for everyone and live by them. Your name is Raven, and you are ready to do it.


The game takes place after the disaster of 2050, when the sun released a huge amount of energy and a huge stream of radioactive particles rushed to the earth. Years later, people rushed to the surface, and in one of these communes our character named Raven appeared.

Exterior design

The graphics in the game are at a high level, and most importantly, there is an atmosphere, broken ground, rusty trucks, destroyed buildings, radiation and the squeak of the Geiger counter immediately make it clear where we are and that nothing good can be expected.

Interaction with elements

The controls are standard for a first-person shooter, with a virtual stick on the left and action buttons along the edges of the screen. On the right is shooting, reloading, running and jumping. On the left are binoculars, a shooting mode switch and a duplicate fire button. Below is quick access to the first aid kit, keys and other useful things.

We complete tasks in radioactive wastelands, teeming with mutants, bandits, marauders and survivors from other clans.

The Sun: Origin
Download The Sun: Origin (Android, APK + OBB)
The Sun: Origin (Mod Menu) v2.3.2
40.56 Mb
OBB The Sun: Origin v2.3.2
627.73 Mb
The Sun: Origin (Mod Menu) v2.3.1
679.74 Mb
The Sun: Origin (Mod menu) v2.2.8
660.18 Mb
The Sun: Origin v2.2.6
615.87 Mb
Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path:
Android → obb
(it should turn out like this: Android/obb/com.agaming.thesun.origin)
reload, if the code cannot be seen