Age of History II

Age of History II

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  • Updated
  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 4.0
  • Current Version: 1.059125_LITE
  • Developer: Łukasz Jakowski
  • Category: Strategies

Age of History II is an exciting new addition to the strategy games section!

You will not only see all the stages of human development, but also become the founder of the Great Empire! You will manage various civilizations. Take a small village under your wing. Or do you like huge and majestic empires? You will lead your people along the path of glory and prosperity, the fate of many families is in your hands! Go through thousands of years of development together, take part in wars, conquer new fertile territories and equip them!

To build your own Empire, you will need to use all your diplomatic skills and analytical skills. You will feel what it means to be a real ruler! Create a unique world, write the history of mankind and become a powerful emperor! What kind of ruler will you be? Humane diplomat? Or a bloodthirsty tyrant, erasing all states from the face of the earth? It's up to you to decide!

Rather, download our application and create your own virtual universe!

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