Level Up Cars

Level Up Cars

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  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 7.0
  • Current Version: 3.1.14
  • Developer: Rollic Games
  • Category: Race

Level Up Cars is an exciting racing game. Here you will conquer the tracks on racing cars and collect scattered nuts on your way. With them you will increase the level of your racing car.

At the beginning of each stage of the game, you will be given a regular car. He will drive forward on his own, and you will direct him in the direction you need, while collecting nuts everywhere on his way. You can also crash and crash cars below your level on the way.

With such actions, you will increase the level of your car and change its appearance. There will be obstacles on your way, you need to be careful and try to avoid them. It can be speed bumps or spilled car oil, and there can be other obstacles as well. Getting on them, the level of your car will go down. The level of the car at the finish line will give you a higher parking space, and accordingly you will earn more money. Money will help you increase the starting level of your car and much more.

In general, take control of the car and go through a large number of different levels. You will be required to smash other cars, collect scattered nuts and improve your horse. Try not to collide with cars of a level higher than yours and avoid various obstacles. In the future, you will unlock new car models and your garage will only expand

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