3 Tiles - Tile Matching Games

3 Tiles - Tile Matching Games

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  • Updated 02-07-2022
  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 6.0
  • Current Version:
  • Developer: Appsulove
  • Category: Logical

3 Tiles - Tile Matching Games is an addictive puzzle game. In it, you need to group the figures by three, then they will disappear from the screen. By connecting three figures with the same image, there will be fewer of them. You need to get to the figures that are at the bottom. To do this, you need to remove those that are on top.

Each level starts with a completely filled screen with figures with completely different patterns. It can be beach balls, teddy bears, cabbage, airplanes and various other drawings. If there are available combinations, then they must be grouped by three and do this until they all disappear. But there is one important point in this game, the space is limited here. Each pressed figurine flies down to the shelf, the place there is limited and there can be a maximum of seven figurines there. Do your best to group the figures in groups of three, so you have more room for new combinations. Without strategic thinking, it will be difficult here. Look for figures with the same pattern as the figures below that you have moved. Don't click randomly.

The starting levels are simple. They pass in a few minutes. You will have higher levels with the most limited time to match the figures. Also, only a few figures will be unlocked in them at the beginning, you need to be careful when clicking.

This game is considered to be an addictive puzzle game that is ideal for spending free time and having fun. Its big plus is a very beautiful design.

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