Lyft Driver

Lyft Driver

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  • Updated 29-03-2022
  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 6.0
  • Current Version: 1003.57.3.1647411159
  • Developer: Lyft, Inc.
  • Category: Business and Finance

The Lyft Driver gadget app is an essential tool for every driver looking to make a little extra money using Lyft's sister mobile app.

As for Lyft, it works on the same principle as Uber with Cabify. Its users can instantly order one or another driver to pick them up at any time of the day and at any place, while transporting everyone to the specified destination at the agreed price before the start of the trip. So, the Lyft Driver app allows Lyft users to receive requests, and then charge money for the specified service. It is worth noting that in the above application there are many other useful additional functions that distinguish it in a special way from other similar applications for drivers.

The Lyft Driver mobile app gives users the freedom to choose their own work schedule and even set the minimum number of rides per day they can provide to customers. What's more, the Lyft Driver app offers drivers special plans that show the busiest areas in their area, plus the average fare. All this will allow you to choose convenient zones and routes without any difficulties.

The most interesting and special feature of Lyft is the ability to leave additional tips for car drivers, which immediately go to the driver's account.

Lyft Driver
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