Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger

Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger

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  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 5.0
  • Current Version: 3.1.1
  • Developer: Fighting Arena
  • Category: Action

Arcade action game will take the gamer into the world of martial arts. Taking part in battles against opponents, you will be able to hone a variety of martial arts techniques, including boxing, kung fu and muay thai.

Player profile. Upon entering the game, the first action is to select a character. After choosing the fighter you like and setting it up, you can start the fight. The game features a lot of different types of fighters, so each gamer will choose the best option for himself. Animation and control system. The project stands out mainly for its 3D graphics, which offer gamers an acceptable level of detail and smooth animation. The gameplay involves a fairly simple control system for your fighter. A diverse range of kicks and punches, as well as a change of fighter in case of loss of health, ensure the successful conduct of the battle.


- impressive three-dimensional graphics along with high detail;
- convenient and simple control;
- a huge selection of characters.

Winning duels will ensure you advance and unlock strong fighters. This will allow you to move to the next level, where you can get any of the belts that testify to your unique abilities in the world of martial arts.

Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger
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