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  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 1.6
  • Current Version: 2.16.0
  • Developer: Randonauts Co.
  • Category: Strategies

Randonautica is a unique mapping tool that urban explorers will appreciate. This Android tool has the ability to develop imagination and ingenuity, it will give a sense of novelty to your ordinary navigation interface.

Using the application is simple, when you start it will make a request and determine your location. Next, you will have to press the "Randonaut" button and we can assume that the adventure has already begun!

To set up a sortie, you will need to make a choice of the type of quantum dot you want to achieve. An indication of the maximum distance that you are able to overcome to reach this point is also important. Points are classified into categories (chasm, anomaly, point of attraction). The description of all these terms is vague and confusing, so it's best to try it in practice to understand what it is about.

When fully prepared for an adventure, the project will mark an area near your location, and you need to go there to do intriguing research. The finds found at this site depend on what was originally laid down in the basis of this mission.

Conquer the unknown, use the hidden areas of your own subconscious, look into the secret corners of the imagination, enjoy an unusual and exciting experience, using all the available functionality of "Randonautica". Conduct both individual and group research.

Download (APK)
Download Randonautica v2.16.0
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Download Randonautica v2.15.3
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Download Randonautica v2.15.1
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Download Randonautica v2.1.37
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