LOST in Blue (Global)

LOST in Blue (Global)

Rating: 2.9
7 vote
  • Android: 4.4
  • Updated
  • Language: English
  • Current Version: 1.193.0
  • Developer: Volcano Force
  • Category: Adventure

LOST in Blue (Global) is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Survival Game. Here the player controls a character who survived a terrible plane crash. According to the plot, the plane with passengers crashed, as at first it seems, on the most beautiful island. However, it soon becomes clear that it is far from being a paradise.

LOST in Blue has an intuitive control system. On the left side of the screen there is a virtual joystick that controls movement, and on the right side there are action buttons. Using the buttons, you can perform various operations: cut down trees, step on enemies and others. At the bottom of the screen is an experience panel and another button for using inventory. Inventory is used to search for food, equipment with new armor and weapons. Also, all extra items are placed there.

The mechanics and gameplay of this game bear some resemblance to well-known games such as Last Day on Earth and other games with similar titles. The main difference is that in this case it is necessary to survive on an island where there are a lot of monsters, similar to the game The Infected on The Last of Us. In the struggle for survival, you should collect water and food, use various elements to build a raft to sail away from the island, a shelter where you can spend the night, and also for a large number of other items. And of course, in addition to everything, the player can make all kinds of armor and equipment.

LOST in Blue is a great survival game. Mostly, it captivates with its amazing setting, somewhat reminiscent of the game "One of Us" and the TV show "Lost". The graphic component is impressive, with luxurious landscapes and stunning models of heroes, especially monsters.

LOST in Blue (Global)LOST in Blue (Global)LOST in Blue (Global)LOST in Blue (Global)
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