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  • Language: English
  • Requires Android: 5.0
  • Current Version: 0.384109
  • Developer: Wemade Co., Ltd
  • Category: Role

Bright and exciting role-playing game with a unique atmosphere in a style traditional for an Asian audience. Starting your journey, you will soon realize that the world you are in is under the threat of complete enslavement by the forces of Darkness. Who want to enslave all of its population and rule it forever. And only a real hero will be able to renew this and liberate a considerable territory that is already under their rule.

Similar to most MMORPGs, in this case it is possible to create a character according to his own taste and choose the appropriate class for him. Among the available are powerful warriors in strong armor, archers who can strike the enemy from afar, or magicians who crush enemies with powerful magic. After the role is determined, you can start exploring locations, completing quests and fighting the forces of evil in order to return peace to this land.

After reaching a certain level, it will be possible to create one group with other users. That will allow you to fight more effectively underground. Since the victory will largely depend on the coordinated actions of the group in the battles with monsters and bosses. However, this is not a prerequisite. You can play alone by collecting and hunting, thus helping other players.

The pleasant features of the game include the presence of high-quality and detailed graphics, the ability to pump characters, large-scale battles and the possibility of peaceful character development.

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Download MIR4 v0.281078 (arm64-v8a)
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